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4 Quick Ways To Attract Ladies With Your Body Language
« on: October 25, 2017, 04:52:45 PM »
Your body language shows how confident you are. It is written all over every time you stand before people. Whether you are aware of it or not tis shows on you like a garment.

Irrespective of whether you desire to accomplish you, need a conspicuously appealing body language to succeed. You need a confidence life style body language to obtain success at all times.

To get this done here are what you need to integrate into your confidence regimen in order to possess A1 in Body Language Assessment.

1. Voice Tone.

You voice tone gives you access or shots access against you in the presence of people. When you use the right voice tone it launches you forward.

Right voice tone resonates with people it creates a pleasing feeling in their inside, and that is what you want to happen when chatting girls up.

One irritating tone common with most guys is the nasal voice tone. This tone is a tone off. This type of voice tone is mostly used unconsciously by confidence lacking guys.

The nasal voice tone is like scratching a iron rod on a steel plate, it creates a nauseating and repelling feelings. So if you find girls rejecting you chances are that your voice tone was horrible.

That said, what does a confident voice tone sound like and how can you possess it?

A confident voice tone is deep, rich and have a sexual appealing tone and It emanates from your inside.

So how do you develop it?

Do the following exercise until it is ingrained in you.

Place you right hand on your head and say this is my head. You will notice that you voice tone resonates within your nasal area.

Now place your right hand on your lips and say this is my lips. Now notice that the tone concentration is a bit away from your nasal area.

Ok now place your right hand on your chest and say this is my chest. Now notice the glaring difference in your voice tone. You will notice that it is sounds deeper than the nasal tone and it comes from end of your throat.

Now place your right hand on your abdomen and say this is my abdomen. You you must seen the stark difference as the abdomen area generates a far richer and highly resonating vocal tone, and you will notice your throat also vibrating while say this is my abdomen.

The key to having a deep, rich and attractive voice tone is to ensure that whenever you speaking to a girl ensure that your chest is resonating within you.

2. Carriage.

Your carriage tell as lot about you, it shows girls how bold and mature you have become.

The way you walk and carry yourself tell others what goes on in your mind. When you see a man walking briskly you can conclude that he has something important to attend to.

When confident people walk, they walk with a mission. When a confident man enters a room the walk into the room as if he own it. Now that is how to walk.

So how do you achieve this type of walk.

Practice the following.

When you walk, keep your head held high, do not drop it or look towards the ground while walking.

When walking keep your shoulders back, do not let it slop forward.

When walking ensure your tummy is tucked in and consciously move with a deliberate step.

Avoid shifting your feet or looking at the ground, keep a stead eye contact, it will increase your level,of confidence astronomically.

3. Facial Expression

Your facial expression counts when expression your confidence during an engagement.

One sure way to disarm people is to smile. Learn to smile deliberately when conversing with people.

Smiling put girls at ease around you when you smile. It douse the tension (and tendency to fight) when speaking to a total stranger,

When you talk to a girl and maintain a smile it smoothens the conversation, it relaxes the girl and makes her comfortable taking to you.

You need to know that smile does not necessarily mean your teeth should be visible. Look at James Bond hardly do you seem him laugh but he smiles a lot when approaching ladies.

Master the art of smiling to girls.

4. Eye Contact.

To have a win at all times and in all situations with people either with girls, in business or in normal daily life interactions you must apply the eye contact rule.

Your eye is the window of your body and it gives a whole lot of impression about who you are. No matter the quality of cloth you put on, if your violate the eye contact rule you will come across as an immature adult.

Eye contact rule simply means having a steady and strong eye contact when engaging anyone. Whenever you are talking with a person, always ensure that you maintain a concentrated and communicative eye contact with that person.

When you have a locked-in eye contact when talking with a person it shows you are present, it shows you are mindful of the person.

Generally speaking when you maintain a strong eye contact you are perceived as sincere, genuine and honest.

Shifting your eyes, avoiding eye contact or looking at the floor when talking with people gives them the impression that your are insincere and untrustworthy.

Develop the habit of looking at people especially girls straight in the eyes, maintain a steady gaze at them when conversing.

Here is a quick way to develop a strong eye contact habit.

When walking on the street, maintain a strong and steady eye contact at girls coming towards your direction. Do not turn your eyes aware from theirs, rather retain it. When a girl looks away from you then you can look away too.

This technique may be difficult at first because, you are actually entering their personal space so to say, but girls understand that, they know that guys always look at them and it is the confident and bold guys that retain their gaze.

Don't give up on this technique but keep at it. As you persevere, your brain will get used to making eye contacts by default. When this happens you have entered the world of those who make strong and steady eye contact.

For hands on experience on how masters of the game display confidence through the use their body language. I want you go get a couple of actions movies by James Bond, or any of the fast and furious series, or Bourne Series.

When you get these movies, focus your attention on the actors' body language, consciously monitor the way they walk and talk, their voice tone as well as their smile.

Take time to check the level of their physical fitness, even their mode of dressing, am sure by the time you watch a couple of those movies you will have a perfect and applicable understanding of how to develop a confident body language.

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Re: 4 Quick Ways To Attract Ladies With Your Body Language
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After doing all the above, the ladies notice you and comes close then observes mouth and body odour, that is the end.


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