Author Topic: How to check out originality in a girl's Beauty  (Read 64 times)


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How to check out originality in a girl's Beauty
« on: October 04, 2017, 10:33:26 AM »
We are living in the world of fakes:Fake girls, fake faces, fake looks, artificial nails, fake names etc. How will a sincere guy check for the constancy of her beauty? Although beauty is written and addressed to the beholder.
1. Bathroom Experiment : You can check up a new girl by simply inviting her to the bathroom. Do this with wisdom to avoid suspicion, especially by telling her to stay overnight. You can not fully depend on that shinning face, some makeup artists might have done some magic.
2. Sports and Exercise : Kindly take her on a sporting event. Allow a little sweat to get down the cheeks. We might discover some gully erosion display on the the field of sports
3. Swimming pool Examination : Spend a little on her to make her forget her make up. Take her out to a nearby swimming pool for relaxation and find a way to take a little swim. You might be surprised that the beautiful chick has trade marks on her cheeks
4. Mother Test: Pay a visit to her parents to see how her mother looks. If you marry her, she will live with you till death. If her mother is still 'attractive' to you at her age. You might be able to cope with her beauty tomorrow.
5. Early morning checks: Some chicks seems beautiful after decoration with colorings in the afternoon. Try to see her when she is just waking up. Do you like that face? That is the face you will be seeing every morning if you marry her.
6. Chores and play tests : Plead with her to help you remove something with her nails. she might not be able because it is artificial. Do some romantic rough plays... You might see the wigs pulling off and boobs cover sagging.
7. Photo shoot :Don't trust those Facebook and nairaland pictures o. They have been edited hundred of times. Ladies do keep some pictures on their phones that are natural. Why not take pains to check out her pictures on the phone. You might be surprised that that fair lady is very dark in the real world.


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Re: How to check out originality in a girl's Beauty
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