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historical lessons
« on: October 05, 2017, 10:39:01 AM »
A short History Lesson*
Once upon a time , in a land faraway, there was a man named Percival Pott.
He lost his father and then he was adopted by his mother’s relative.
At age 22 in the year 1736, he had completed the apprenticeship that qualified him to be admitted into the Company of Barber Surgeons – You say Barber Surgeons? I say yes… Google to confirm; that was the old name for the Royal College of Surgeons.
Percival Pott was a very good surgeon , but one other thing he did well was investigate and give reasons for observed pathological phenomena. So, he could also be referred to as a Medical Scientist.
If there was a Royal College of Pathologists at the time , he would have been a member – at least by virtue of his being the first person to suggest that scrotal cancers were caused by carcinogens chimney sweeps were exposed to while working.
But you see, at the time… Pathologists were not a formally recognised category of physicians. In fact, Medicine was still evolving… With many great specialties not yet in existence.
More than 300 years later, do you know the tragedy? Some descendants of Percival are still stuck in the ancient days?
They want the historical doctor carrying the black bag who is both drug dispenser, nurse, and medical scientist rolled up in one.
Specializations and technological advancements be damned!
These Nigerian descendants under the aegis of the NMA would rather Medicine stayed static in the “good old days” and no other professional cadre found a pride of place.
Making references to history, they refer everyone back to the primordial times of medical history.
Good thing we can readily access the history, to guide us all.
As well as examples from progressive communities like the United Kingdom where most of the history came from.
Time was when the Surgeon was king…
Changing times even in the UK has brought a paradigm shift. Consultant Biomedical Scientists (Medical Laboratory Scientists) are no longer an aberration and of course have their own autonomy.
With time comes change and those who resist change may end up in the doldrums of a forgotten history.
Medical Laboratory Science has come to stay; a full fledged profession capable of self administration and autonomy and the earlier everyone comes to accept this reality, the better for the Nigerian Health Sector.


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