Author Topic: think twice before u make any discision  (Read 96 times)

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think twice before u make any discision
« on: January 16, 2018, 11:59:20 AM »
This morning, I was scrolling through my timeline aimlessly reading posts randomly before I stumbled on an interesting post on Falade Akeem Jesubillgates Olashina wall.
I wouldn't want to bore you guys with a lengthy read, so, I'd just paraphrase the entire post.
We all know Neyo, the popular R&B musician huh?
It was told that Mr Neyo was dating this beautiful girl and their relationship had two kids.
Mr Neyo then told his girlfriend that he doesn't want to have any kids again but he still want to enjoy skin to skin sex.....😂 😂 😂
Mr Neyo then advised his girlfriend that they should both seal their reproduction system to avoid stories that touch.
The girlfriend then agreed to what Neyo said.
Fortunately and unfortunately, she was the first person to undergo the surgery.
Weeks later, they both went for the surgery and Neyo was by her side all through the surgical operation and the surgery was a success.
When it got to Mr Neyo turn to undergo his own surgery, na so story enter. Love no make the girl see road well.
Oga begin dey postpone him own surgery.
From today, to tomorrow.
From tomorrow, to next week.
From next week, to next month.
Na so Neyo postpone him own ooooo till the relationship packed up.
Few months later, Mr Neyo met another girl, got married to her and began to make new babies with his wife.
The same Neyo that says he doesn't want more than two kids now have additional two kids with his wife making a total of four kids.
The ex girlfriend now is unable to give birth again due to foolishness.
Ladies, anything that will make you become so foolish like Neyo ex girlfriend in 2018, I command that foolishness to fall down and die. Oya, say a big Amen?!


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