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Title: a friend needs an urgent advice......pls read
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I grew up not knowing my true identity, I discover my so call biological parents doesn’t look exactly like me, I look fair and wit a rounded face and small eyeballs , tall in status and have this bright faze but it is the opposite with my parents. I went about asking questions secretly wanting to know the true identity of my true self and my originality but I could not get a concrete answer. I had to sermon the courage of David to ask my immediate parent about my true identity because I knew deep inside of me that they are not my biological parents; it was boldly written on the fore corners of the wall despite the facts that they were very nice and caring to my growing up. They taught me the ways of the lord and the way of nature, I will say I was very much satisfy with my growing up with my immediate parents they never spear the rod on me anytime I go on a wrong path, I was averagely brilliant with the help of my immediate parents, I was the only child presently with them and I so much love and cherish them so much because they gave me undiluted love.

After the morning prayers, I told my immediate parents that I will love to have a heart to heart discussion with them, that I have been carrying these burden with me for over 2 years now and I will love to lighten this burden down, out of curiosity my parent had to abandon the morning chore and asked me to spit whatsoever that is bordering me out and I told them everything about my worries and I got the shocker of my life!
Immediately my mom busted into tears and immediately dad look the other way, at first I was confused because no one was willing to talk to me, u could hear the drop of a pin inside the room because everywhere was dead silent and I could hear the fast rising of my dad’s heart beating like usan bolt closing down on his running mate.

Finally my mom opened up, she started by saying “Collins my son, me and your dad are truly very sorry but first of all u must find a way in your heart to kindly forgive us” we would have told u before now but me and your dad was waiting for the rightful time to tell u, but I think this is the right time to tell u even if your dad did not totally agree with me on this! My dad was still looking the other way I guess he was sobbing or crying something like but I was busy steering at my mom why she gave me the shocking story of my life.
“Me and your  dad were travelling from delta state to Lagos state on that faithful day in the evening at about  4 to 5pm that day when we ran into a bloody accident scene and all cars passing through that road were so afraid to stop because it was so bloody, your dad pull off the road to see if we could help with any survival on ground but your true parents were beyond remedy but something struck me to linger a little bit longer when I heard a little baby crying deep inside the bush cover with blood, I moved with passion, I quickly wrap u with the wrapper I was tying and took you  inside the car for cover because you were already freezing, your father then said we should take you   away because for the past 6yrs of our marriage we have been praying for the fruit of the womb but God  has not answer us yet, so your father asked us to seize the opportunity to become  your  parents maybe God has finally answered our prayers, I had to oblige my husband by taking you  with us down to Lagos. After the whole story my mom held me and asks me to forgive them of their sins because I was so speechless, a line was drawn between me and my foster parents, if I should hate them or love them for breaking me away from my family tree.
Now here comes my question “where do I start tracing my family tree from?
Title: Re: a friend needs an urgent advice......pls read
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